Selecting a Tackle Box Backpack

Selecting a Tackle Box Backpack: What You Need to Think About

If you are an active fisher, there is a backpack out there just for you! Tackle box backpacks can be a tremendous asset for your fishing activities, as they offer an easy way to transport all the supplies you need. In this article we will give you an overview of what to look for in selecting a tackle box backpack, to help you make an informed choice with your purchase.

A tackle box backpack, also known as a fishing backpack, is specially designed to meet your fishing needs. These backpacks can carry a wide variety of fishing materials, such as pliers, fishing scissors, a hunting or fishing knife, stringer, fishing line, cleaning supplies, knife sharpener, lighting, sinkers, bobbers, bug spray, sun glasses, cell phone, lures, first-aid kit, gloves, food, bait, multi-tool, lures, reels, and more! It’s also good to have a dedicated space to keep any paperwork such as a fishing license, as well as a rod holder for your fishing pole. A line dispenser on the bottom adds an extra level of convenience.

Also important to consider are durability, comfort in wear, and overall storage capacity. The quality and placement of foam can be big factors in how comfortable it will be to wear the backpack for any length of time. Do you park near to your fishing spot, or do you need to trek a good distance to reach your favorite spot? Your answer will be an important clue about the priority of comfort.

Let’s take a look at some of the highest ranking backpacks to see what good quality will get you.

A top-rated tackle box backpack is the Wild River by CLC WT3604 Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack. This tackle bag (which is pictured above) comes with four PT3600 trays, which are great for holding your lures. Other top features are an integrated LED light system that enhances your ability to work in low-light conditions, and a removable divider that gives you great flexibility in what you can carry. A removable plier holder allows you to store your pliers on the backpack or your belt. Some of the pockets are mesh, which enable you to see what’s stored in those pockets. This bag is our number one choice.

If you’re expecting heavy use and need a durable bag, the Shimano Blackmoon Medium Fishing Backpack (see below) makes for a solid choice. It also includes a cover for extra protection in rainy conditions. Thick padded shoulder straps add to the comfort in wear.

As you can see, there are many considerations to account for in selecting a tackle box backpack. By keeping in mind the factors described in this article, you will be better-prepared to make the best choice for you. We hope you have benefited from this information. To learn more about tackle box backpacks, and to see a great selection at unbeatable prices, visit us at We love to answer questions about fishing backpacks!

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